Your pet
needs annual
dental care

- just like you

Many pet owners don't realise that bad breath isn't normal, and that roughly 80% of adult pets have dental diseases like gingivitis.

Sadly, dogs and cats hide dental pain really well, so you mightn't even realise your pet is suffering. Putting off dental work is more expensive and painful for your pet in the long run.

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Our pets trust us to look after them, so watch out for these signs indicating poor oral health in dogs and cats:

- Smelly breath
- Inflamed or bleeding gums
- Facial swelling
- Discoloured teeth
- Loose or broken teeth

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The importance of eating habits and a healthy diet

Keep a watchful eye on your pet's appetite. If they're off their dry or hard food, it could point to a dental problem that's stopping your pet from eating normally.

A dedicated dental diet can help pets to maintain healthier teeth through the cleaning action of these specially designed diets.

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