Meet Pip

Spring brings with it wildlife babies, and recently a baby Brush Tail Possum was brought into the clinic after it had been found in a client’s yard with no mother in sight.  The baby Possum, we named her Pip weighed just over 200 grams when she was bought in, fully haired.  During Pip’s time with us she fed on formula several times a day, was offered lots of greens, native plants, fruit and vegetables.  Pip lived in a “pouch” during her stay with us until she started to gain weight and we then housed her in a bird cage with branches to assist in her muscle development and motor skills.  Once Pip reached 380 grams, she was given to a wildlife carer that helps facilitate animal’s rehabilitation back into the wild.  If you find any native wildlife, give the clinic a call, and we will be able to help you with the best option of who to do.