Meet our clinic cat Arrow

Arrow is our clinic cat here at Everton Park Veterinary Clinic and lately we have noticed he seems to be a little heavier when we are picking him up. As he lives in the clinic he doesn’t get the same amount of exercise as an outdoor cat would, so we have implemented some measures to keep him fit and happy. Cats love to jump and climb, we have a number of cat scratching posts dotted around, he can not only climb and jump on them but also give himself a manicure at the same time. They are specially made for this application, so it is a safe way to replicate a more natural environment for him and give the opportunity to use a full range of movement.

We also hide his dry food around the clinic, so he can “hunt” it down. We have a small enclosed outside area for him to get some fresh air with a small pond that he likes to walk around in, he then leaves very small cute paw prints all around the clinic.

With all this in place we still need to watch what he eats, we take care to follow the instructions on packet and obviously use a good brand that we know has been researched giving the best ingredients for his situation. If you have noticed your pet is on the heavier side, give our clinic a call on (07) 3354 1688 to find out your options.